The java-shell

The java-shell is a yet another shell written in java.

Development Setup

You need maven2 and jdk 5 in order to build this project.

Download Maven 2 from, et the M2_HOME environment variable to maven2 installation, add $M2_HOME/bin to your PATH environment variable. Set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to point to jdk 5 home.

open a command prompt, and run:

  mvn install

NOTE: The first time you run maven it will download all dependencies and cache them in your local repository in ~/.m2/repository/

Subversion Access

The project's source repository can be checked out through SVN with the following instruction set:

svn co java-shell

It can be browsed here:

Intellij IDEA

In order to genreate the project files:

  mvn idea:idea

open the project and:

1) change the source level to 1.5.

2) fix the JDK path.

3) exclude the target directory

4) compiler settings, add resource pattren - *.xsd

5) project setting -> enable subversion as the version control